Hiring A Committed Truck Accident Lawyer To Pursue Compensation

Most truck drivers on the road today are highly trained and prioritize safety while on the road. However, for all of their training and focus, they can still cause devastating accidents that result in expensive damages and long-lasting injuries.  When you are involved in a wreck with a commercial truck, you need to protect yourself as a victim. You can safeguard your rights and pursue compensation by retaining an experienced truck accident lawyer to represent you. Read More 

Injured At Work? Here’s Why You Should See A Personal Injury Attorney Anyhow

When you work on a construction site, you know that there are plenty of dangers all around. A single slip is all it takes for you to end up injured and unable to work for a considerable length of time. You have every reasonable expectation that workers' compensation benefits will soon kick in and provide you with the necessary medical benefits you need to obtain treatment for your injuries and a cash benefit that will provide you with a replacement income. Read More 

Firework Defects Often Lead To Serious Injuries

There are thousands of firework-related injuries in the United States. The majority of firework injuries are the result of the consumer not using the fireworks properly. However, there are other cases where a consumer might use the fireworks as intended and end up injured due to the firework not being manufactured properly. Types of Firework Defects A firework might explode prematurely and not provide you with enough time to reach safety. Read More 

The Difference Between An Impairment And Disability With Workers’ Compensation Claims

When you are defending your workers' compensation case, it's important to understand the difference between disability and impairment. If you are having a difficult time understanding this distinction and how it can impact your case, a work injury attorney may be able to help. Impairment Vs. Disability Impairment refers to when a body part has a problem that leads to it no longer functioning properly. For example, if you are unable to grasp objects with your hand, the hand could be considered to have an impairment. Read More 

Understanding Of Class Action Lawsuits

Individuals who are injured by someone else's negligence are usually entitled to compensation in some form. Sometimes individuals seek compensation on their own, with or without a lawyer. Other times, they may accept settlement offers made by insurance companies. Another approach to resolving personal injury claims is by using a class action lawsuit approach. A class action lawsuit can involve a group of individuals who are considered the "class." However, these lawsuits can also be structured in a manner that lists one individual as a class representative. Read More