Hiring A Committed Truck Accident Lawyer To Pursue Compensation

Most truck drivers on the road today are highly trained and prioritize safety while on the road. However, for all of their training and focus, they can still cause devastating accidents that result in expensive damages and long-lasting injuries. 

When you are involved in a wreck with a commercial truck, you need to protect yourself as a victim. You can safeguard your rights and pursue compensation by retaining an experienced truck accident lawyer to represent you.

Pursuing Insurance Claims

The insurance company of the truck driver that caused the accident is responsible for paying most or all of your damages. However, the claims adjuster's job is to protect their insurer's proverbial bottom line. The agent representing the truck driver may refuse to compensate you and may even try to blame you for what happened.

Instead of accepting blame and backing away from your claims, you can hire a truck accident lawyer to take over your case. Your attorney will file and pursue those claims on your behalf. They will make sure that the insurer pays out your claims fully and compensates you fairly for the damages that you incurred in the wreck.

Pursuing Punitive Damages

Your truck accident lawyer can also file for punitive damages that you may have incurred from the wreck. The damages that you suffered may apply to more than just those to your vehicle. You also may suffer from post-traumatic stress or anxiety because of being hit by such a large and dangerous commercial truck.

The mental and emotional suffering that you experience is worth something in the eyes of the law. The truck driver may owe you compensation for these punitive damages. Your truck accident lawyer can pursue it in court and demand that the driver of the truck covers these damages immediately.

Finally, your truck accident lawyer can represent you in any settlement negotiations. The truck driver and their insurer may not want to go to trial over the wreck. They may prefer to offer a settlement and have you drop the lawsuit against them. Your truck accident lawyer can make sure the settlement that you accept is fair and reflects close to or more than what you could win in a judgment.

A truck accident lawyer can represent you after a wreck. They can file and pursue insurance claims. Your attorney can also negotiate a settlement. To get your case started, contact a local truck accident lawyer.