Business Transaction Law Vocabulary You Should Know

If you're dealing with business transaction law issues, it's wise to have a basic understanding of the concepts that are used. Let's take a look at four bits of vocabulary you should know when working with business transaction law services. 1. Negotiable Instruments Although you can certainly do things the old-fashioned way, handing someone cash and walking off with an item you paid for is a fairly rare occurrence in the business world these days. Read More 

Challenges You May Face During Your First Year As A Workers’ Comp Attorney

If you have recently passed the bar exam in your state and are going to start practicing law soon, then you will want to pick a specialty. Workers' compensation law can be a good field to go into if you legitimately want to help clients who deserve support. There are fewer moral conflicts with criminal law, and the field tends to be less demanding than tax or corporate law. That being said, there are some unique challenges you might face during your first year as a workers' comp attorney. Read More 

4 Things You Can Learn At A Personal Injury Attorney Consultation

You might have heard that you can call a personal injury attorney to schedule a free consultation. If you are the victim of some type of injury, you might be thinking about setting up one of those consultations. These are some of the things that you can learn if you do schedule and attend one of these consultations. 1. How Much Experience the Attorney Has One of the first things that you can — and should — learn about when meeting with a personal injury lawyer is about his or her experience in the field of personal injury law. Read More