Did Your Child Suffer A Head And Neck Injury At A Friend’s And You Can’t Get Answers? Call A Lawyer Fast

Was your child rushed to a hospital after playing at a friend's house and you haven't been given an answer about how their back and neck were severely injured? If so, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer to go over the details fast.

There are questions that need to be answered, evidence that needs to be gathered, and a child that needs to be cared for. You want to have your lawyer present as quickly as possible for the following reasons.

You Shouldn't Have Contact with the Family

It's important that the case doesn't have complications, and you shouldn't have contact with the family if they weren't willing to disclose information to you immediately because it could affect the case later on. Instead, all communication should go through your lawyer.

Avoid the Media

You also want to avoid potential interactions with the media. The media can twist stories, report lies and cause other complications with the case later. If your lawyer wants a statement to go to the media, they will draft and release it for you.

A Lawyer Will Start Investigating Immediately

You deserve answers. The lawyer will work with law enforcement to find out what happened and how your child got severely injured while playing. If you think that the parents were negligent in watching the child, there were dangers in the home, or another child assaulted your kid, these are all things the lawyer will look into.

Medical Diagnosis and Bills

The medical diagnosis for your child will be at the forefront of the case. Serious neck and back injuries could lead to a lifetime of paralysis, motor skill complications, loss of memory, limited mobility and more. A medical statement from a physician that talks about the extremity of the injuries will be needed. The long list of bills that are coming in also need to be given to the attorneys.

If your child was badly injured, you don't know why, and the parents have not told you what happened to your child while the child was playing on their property, you need to call an injury lawyer right away. After that, the lawyer will start investigating and find out what you need to do to take action and whether or not you have a case. You need representation immediately so you can get the case moving and so you are able to move forward with getting justice for your child.

To learn more, contact a personal injury attorney.