What Happens When Merchandise Falls on You at a Store?

While many people have been injured by slip and fall accidents, many people don't think about the possibility of getting injured by merchandise that falls from store shelves. However, sometimes slip and fall accidents are also paired with merchandise falling from shelves. This can make an injury doubly serious and very hard to deal with.

Are you thinking about taking your case to court? If so, you'll need to contact a personal injury lawyer, sometimes known as slip and fall lawyers, for help building your case. To build your case, you should consider these things. 

How Does Merchandise Fall?

The way merchandise falls in a store matters when it comes to developing your case.

Many stores are so large that they have merchandise all over the place, even on very high shelves. Some stores are more like warehouses, and the employees may not have stuck to regulations and rules for stacking products safely.

Sometimes stores don't have good safety procedures. The store may not have policies in place to protect employees and customers, which is negligence in many cases.

Of course, there are situations in which other customers may have placed items on shelves haphazardly. The customers may have placed an item back on the shelf, but an employee still should have come by and made sure the shelves were safe.

What Kinds of Injuries Happen?

When merchandise falls, you may be dealing with a variety of injuries. On the lighter side, your injuries could include bruises and scratches. In extreme cases, you could experience severe injuries like concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

How Do You Build a Strong Case?

Premises liability is the key to building a strong case when you face an injury caused by falling merchandise. If a store fails to provide safe conditions, they are liable for any injuries that result.

In order to pursue a strong case, you need to prove negligence. This involves proving that the store owner or manager breached a duty of care to customers, which resulted in the injury. Store owners have a duty of care to employees and people shopping inside the store.

Your attorney will help you build a strong case based on the facts and your needs.

If you are dealing with falling merchandise and injuries they cause, you should speak with a personal injury attorney. An attorney will consult with you via phone or in-person to discuss the case in detail.