Why It’s Recommended To Hire An Attorney When Facing A Birth Defect Because Of Negligence

Parents want their babies born perfectly healthy, but this doesn't always happen. Birth defects can unfortunately be present, and when they're caused because of a medical practitioner's negligence, that's cause for hiring a birth defect attorney. They can assist in many important ways.  Assess Case's Strength Before you go full force at a medical practitioner for your baby's birth defect, you first need to make sure you have a good shot at winning. Read More 

How To Make Sense Of A Wrongful Death Case Involving A Pileup

Multi-car pileups can be much more catastrophic than other types of accidents because so many cars can be involved. Vehicles can strike an individual's vehicle multiple times and can often lead to fatalities. If your loved one passed away as a result of a pileup, you have every right to seek compensation if you are a spouse, offspring, or parent of the deceased. However, determining who is at fault can be challenging. Read More 

What Happens When Merchandise Falls on You at a Store?

While many people have been injured by slip and fall accidents, many people don't think about the possibility of getting injured by merchandise that falls from store shelves. However, sometimes slip and fall accidents are also paired with merchandise falling from shelves. This can make an injury doubly serious and very hard to deal with. Are you thinking about taking your case to court? If so, you'll need to contact a personal injury lawyer, sometimes known as slip and fall lawyers, for help building your case. Read More 

What Is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?

One of the first things many people want to know when they file a personal injury claim is how much money their cases could be worth. Many people have high hopes that their claim will lead to a significant chunk of money, but the truth is that each case is a little different. So, how can you be sure that you will receive the money you deserve? You have a few things to consider before you head to court. Read More 

Identifying Liability When You Are in an Accident With a Commercial Vehicle

When you are in an accident that causes injuries with a commercial vehicle, identifying liability is important to your case. While you might share some liability and be found partially responsible for the accident, a number of factors might have contributed. The driver of the vehicle may have been driving too fast or driving beyond the legal hours they can be on the road. The vehicle itself could have been faulty, causing the accident, or the commercial vehicle might have been overloaded with cargo. Read More