Is A Motorist Claiming That You Caused A Motorcycle Crash? Here’s How An Attorney Can Help

Unfortunately, an accusation of recklessness can cause you to get lower or no compensation from a driver who knocked you down while riding. This is more so if no one witnessed the incident or your evidence cannot prove wrongdoing with certainty. In such instances, a lawyer can play an essential role in helping you distance yourself from the accident's cause. They will likely take the following measures to prove that you were not in the wrong:

By Building a Strong Defense

Your legal advisor will come to the crash scene or send an expert to gather useful evidence before onlookers or the offender tamper with it. This will enable them to build a strong defense proving that you played no part in the collision. Once collected, your lawyer may hand the evidence to accident reconstruction professionals to determine exactly what led to the collision. For example, the police report and photos of the crash scene can assist in understanding the events leading up to the accident.

Once the experts have this evidence, they use specialized scientific methods to ascertain how the wrongdoer hit you and confirm that you did nothing to cause the collision. Your lawyer might also use surveillance footage to show that you were riding carefully before the defendant hit you. This will show that you were not one of the culprits, better positioning you to get a favorable payment for your injuries.

By Representing You in Court

If the driver who injured you accuses you of being liable, your lawyer can litigate so that a judge rules on the case. During the hearing, your attorney will present evidence that you were not responsible for the crash. They can also have witnesses testify for you. These measures will enable you to prove your case and that you suffered an injustice. As a result, you may get a settlement covering all your losses, including money you may spend on treatment in the long term. You might also receive a payment covering the cost of replacing your destroyed bike. Additionally, your lawyer can help you get compensation for the pain you undergo because of your injuries and the income you lose as you recover.

If the driver who knocked you down and injured you while riding is accusing you of recklessness, hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for you. They will collect compelling evidence and build a strong defense to distance you from the accident. Your lawyer will also represent you in court to demonstrate that you're not liable and help ensure that you get your rightful payment. 

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