What You Need To Know About Getting Hit By A Commercial Vehicle

Getting into an accident with another driver in a typical passenger-sized car is pretty straightforward. You exchange information, and then the insurance companies get involved. Maybe you'll file a police report if there is significant damage or you want an official record of what happened. Most people know the drill as far as what to do following a typical car accident. 

But getting into an accident with a commercial vehicle like a large truck can be quite different. If you were recently hit by a commercial vehicle, here are some tips you'll want to keep in mind.

You Still Need to Exchange Information, But You Might Need More Than Just the Driver's

Assuming you are not injured so badly that you can't get out of the car, you should still begin the aftermath of an accident with a commercial vehicle the same way you would if it was just another regular car. Exchange information with the driver. But the driver of the commercial vehicle needs to provide more than just their name. They should give you the name of their company as well. Pay attention to the outside of the truck that hit you, and write down any phone numbers or other identifying information you see.

In some cases, things can get quite complex. The driver might work for a certain company but that company might lease the truck from another business, and the load the driver and truck were carrying might be owned by yet another person or entity. Try and get as much information as you can in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

Get Medical Assistance Immediately and Then Be Careful

Most commercial trucking companies will fight hard to defend their name in court, and you can expect that they will have an attorney who will try to pick apart your case. One common line of defense is to try and prove that the person suing really isn't injured as badly as they are saying. You need to go to court with evidence to back up your claims. Don't delay going to the hospital or doctor. Keep a copy of all medical reports and bills. Then, stay off social media to avoid giving the impression that you are moving around freely if you intend to say that the injury limited your day-to-day life.

Hire an Attorney

Because collecting the right information after a commercial accident can get complicated and because the other side will likely defend themselves vigorously, you don't want to move forward here without professional legal assistance. Contact a local truck accident lawyer to dig into the details for you and start building your case.

To learn more, contact a commercial vehicle accident attorney.