Actions Motorists Take That Put Motorcyclists In Danger

Motorists often misjudge the speed of a motorcycle due to the small size. This can lead to some drivers making a left turn when a motorcyclist is in their blind spot and this can lead to collisions with the motorist that can cause serious injuries or even death. There are several other common mistakes drivers make that can put you at risk as a motorcyclist. Then, you will need to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney about how you may seek compensation for your injuries.

Not Giving Motorcyclists the Space They Need

As a motorcyclist, you cannot simply drive over a pothole or some other road hazard. You have to adjust yourself to be able to drive around road hazards that a larger vehicle could simply drive over. However, some drivers drive too close to motorcyclists and create a situation where you may suffer an accident.

Oncoming Traffic is the Greatest Threat to Motorcyclists

Some drivers do not pay attention and can become a serious threat when they clip a motorcyclist as an oncoming car. Maybe they were distracted by their cell phone or were talking to a passenger. If you are involved in an accident caused by a distracted driver, you should contact a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible to start building your case. 

Slamming on the Brakes

When a motorist must slam on the brakes, this can always create the risk of an accident. However, when driver slams on his brakes with a motorcyclist behind, the risk is much greater. Usually, the driver that rear-ends the other motorist is at fault. However, if the driver performs a brake check, an action where a driver brakes to warn another driver who is tailgating, the motorist might be responsible for the accident. 

Opening Doors

Some drivers open their car doors without realizing that you are driving alongside them. This is especially a problem in states where lane splitting is legal such as California. Some drivers even open their doors out of frustration that motorcyclists can share a lane with them. However, this action is an act of negligence and you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries with the help of an attorney.

Always choose a motorcycle accident attorney over a general personal attorney. There are unique obstacles that a motorcyclist might face especially if the accident eventually has to go to court after you fail to reach a settlement.