Identifying Liability When You Are in an Accident With a Commercial Vehicle

When you are in an accident that causes injuries with a commercial vehicle, identifying liability is important to your case. While you might share some liability and be found partially responsible for the accident, a number of factors might have contributed. The driver of the vehicle may have been driving too fast or driving beyond the legal hours they can be on the road. The vehicle itself could have been faulty, causing the accident, or the commercial vehicle might have been overloaded with cargo. The accident report gives you a preliminary look at what might have caused the accident, but it may not be comprehensive enough to identify liability completely in the accident.

If the Vehicle Malfunctioned

There are times when the commercial vehicle has a mechanical problem that leads to the accident. If this occurs, the manufacturer may be liable for your injuries. If the owner of the vehicle didn't properly maintain the commercial vehicle or the driver didn't do a safety check, this adds to the liability overall. 

When the Driver Is Negligent

If the driver of the commercial vehicle is found negligent, they are going to be held liable for your injuries. This can be due to working long hours, driving under the influence, or checking their cell phone while driving. If the driver was going too fast and not following the traffic laws, they are responsible for your injuries.

If You Share Fault

There are times when an accident with a commercial vehicle has complex factors that led to the accident. It's possible that you are partially at fault for the accident. As long as you are less than 50% at fault, you can file a personal injury claim.

Determining the Liability of Your Claim

It will take some work to identify all of the liable parties when it comes to an accident where you get injured. A commercial vehicle wreck attorney will look over the details of your case to figure out all the different players in the scenario. From the manufacturer of the truck, to the owner and driver, a number of people or companies may be responsible for your injuries.

Figuring out liability is important because it plays a direct role in your overall compensation. If you share liability, your monetary award will be reduced by the percentage you are found to be at fault. Work with a commercial vehicle wreck attorney to figure out what your claim is worth.